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We are your transformation partner accelerating your success through our exclusive community, experts coaches and connectivity to the latest technology & opportunities.

The Confidente Foundation

Blueprint to Your Success

Our proven system offers the mentorship to expand your mind, the access to unparalleled opportunities, and the latest tools to help you thrive.

Courses & Coaching

Personalized coaching and skill development. Our coaches are experts in their fields from former pro footballers to Michelin starred chefs across fashion, food, football, finance, and more. Through one-on-one sessions, workshops, and progress tracking, members gain the confidence and expertise needed to achieve their business goals and drive extraordinary results.

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Exclusive Community & Access

Access a global network of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts. Members gain access to global networks, titans of industry, and funding opportunities. Through regular events, webinars, and online forums, members can connect, collaborate, and secure investments, creating a robust ecosystem for growth and support.

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Your Digital Transformation Partner

Our team provides cutting-edge solutions that drive success in the digital age. From AI integrations and personalized marketing to web development and the latest technology, we provide the tools you need to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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The Confidente Foundation

Access to a Global Network

Our proven system offers the mentorship to expand your mind, the access to unparalleled opportunities, and the latest tools to help you thrive.

Accelerate Your Success Anytime, Anywhere.
Access Expert Insights and Tools Anytime, Anywhere, at Your Own Pace

People Centric, Partnership Focused, Technology Driven.

Confidente is a pioneering platform & community dedicated to empowering ambitious entrepreneurs and innovators across various industries. Our mission is to provide the tools, resources, and support necessary for individuals and businesses to achieve extraordinary success.

Why work with us?

Empowering Success Anytime, Anywhere

Our focus is to build a platform that grants anyone, anywhere access to the keys to success. With our expert guidance, powerful networks, and transformative strategies, you'll unlock unparalleled opportunities and achieve extraordinary growth. Join us to turn your ambitions into reality and gain access to:

Unlock Your Potential with a Proven Success System and education that has elevated 1000s of entrepreneurs.
Tap into a World of Opportunities with Our Exclusive Network and Global Events.
Proven Track Record of Transforming Businesses; We've proudly trained and helped market over 1500 early stage companies in emerging markets.
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“Highly recommended them”

Confidente Leadership is an incredible asset to any team, and one of the few people I can truly sayhas changed my life and my business for the better.  not only brings skills with decades ofexperience, but a natural talent and charisma that cannot be taught.

Victoria B.
FattEbike, USA

“The best consulting agency I worked with”

Our partnership with Confidente since 2023 has significantly expanded our international reach, particularly in the United States and the Arab world, while delivering exceptional content to Inter Milan fans. Thanks to Confidente, our global audience has grown to over 300,000 monthly active users.

Giuseppe C.
Inter Fun, Italy

“An amazing consulting agency”

Confidente is not only a business coach, but a community with an extraordinary network. Thanks to Confidente, we expanded our network of business contacts in the USA in the most difficult states to penetrate. New business opportunities are also emerging in Saudi Arabia thanks to the access facilitated by Confidente

Giovanni T.
PAGEF, Italy

“One of a kind service”

Confidente team is passionate about empowering others and builds capacity building projects that lead to greater social and economic resilience. At Confidente they are bold and committed and not afraid of taking risks in support of the most vulnerable communities.

Olivier L.
Global Team Leader, the World Bank

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